6 Ways Smartwatches Make Your Life Better


6 Ways Smartwatches Make Your Life Better

Some time ago, smartwatches were considered some sort of luxury product only dedicated to the hi-tech aficionado looking to use and wear the latest piece of technology. However, in the past few years smartwatches became more and more affordable, popular and world-spread not only because the wide area of useful apps they support but simply because they make your life better and easier.

Today we will take a look at six major reasons why smartwatches deserve your attention as important devices contributing to a better quality of life.

1. Keep Your Phone Close

By simply connecting and syncing your smartphone with your smartwatch you have now full control of your phone whereabouts. Either you leave it behind some place or somebody tries to get away with your phone in his possession, the smartwatch helps you locate it in due time. As smartphone-smartwatch compatibility features are on the rise you can further keep tabs on your phone, especially if you happen to misplace it often.

2. Get Notifications / Messages Discretely

Together with the popularity of smartwatches, our world returned to a more elegant approach of social conventions and etiquette. Deemed rude and unwise to constantly check your notifications and messages in social contexts (not to mention during office meetings), now you can keep a covert eye on your notifications, messages and calls in a discreet and polite manner. If there are no emergencies, you can stay engaged in conversations or focused on work-related topics without bothering anyone. The tech coming with smartwatches allows you to go about your business and still be connected to important people and events.

3. Drive Safer

Let’s not even begin to talk about the staggering amount of car accidents and driving incidents related to the distractions caused by using a smartphone while driving. However, there is not likely that all people, altogether, will give up talking on their phone, check messages or looking at the screens for driving directions – all we can do is mitigate the dangers and replace the smartphone’s features with the smartwatch ones. You can answer calls and keep track of your notifications and important messages without trading safety for communication. As driving directions go, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, as many watches have the ability to discretely act as GPS devices.

4. Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

Given the abundance of health-relates apps available to smartwatches you can live a better, healthier life style without much effort. Besides turning into exercise trackers, food calories calculators and heart monitors among others, smartwatches have the power to give you accurate data regarding your health status, calories burnt, workout results and so on. Fitbit is a legendary example, but other modern smartwatches can also help you receive friendly reminders on when to drink water, what to eat and what to avoid consuming, how well you performed during your last jogging session and what health areas you should improve.

5. Keep Yourself and Your Close Ones Safer

Some of the most appraised smartwatches like the Pebble and the Apple Watch also support safety-entered apps like the Red Panic Button. There are countless of distress situations when you can’t (or you are not recommended to) use a smartphone, even if you have the Panic Button installed on it. A proper smartwatch allows you to discretely and efficiently make use of the app and send a distress message (containing an alert and a GPS location) to your preset list of emergency contacts. A group of people using the same app and smartwatches can stay close together and thus make any search & rescue or emergency intervention faster and easier.

6. Make the Most of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is also a popular approach to technology and experts say we will witness an increased popularity in the next years as the tech becomes more and more available and the app developers turn everything into a well connected and perfectly synced network. You can now make just a few taps on your wrist to control the lights in your home or to turn on / off several devices in your smart house without even using your smartphone. Think about a cold winter afternoon while you drive home and remember to turn on the heat home to arrive in a pleasant and welcoming home environment. While still keeping your eyes on the road you can activate your smart home from a distance and enjoy a more comfortable, safer and better life.

What are the reasons why you use a smartwatch? Can you think of others you would love to share with us?

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