Summer camp can be both fun and safe with this app

Going on a summer camp is an incredible experience for children and teenagers. Exploring the great outdoors and learning essential life skills helps a young person develop, adapt and become aware of his or her abilities and problem solving capacities while developing social capabilities. Summer camp is without a doubt a fun way to make new friends and learn plenty of things in all life areas. But summer camp should also be safe. While parents and tutors put their trust in the kids’ educators, instructors and camp managers, one cannot be too cautious.

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This App Makes Living Alone a Much Safer Lifestyle

Living alone involves plenty of responsibilities and sometimes, many risks as well. We can make our homes safer by installing burglar alarms, but how about our lives? Can we have a portable alarm on us in case something happens? The Red Panic Button is such a personal app we can use to send a distress call when our state of health or a house accident endangers our well being. Read More


You love big concerts? Keep in touch and stay safe with this app!

What’s more fun than going to see your favorite performers playing live in big concerts? Watching the band you love lay it all on the line while enjoying a cold drink together with your family or your favorite group of friends is all you need for some great memories this summer. Add in the music you adore from your favorite performers in edgy electric atmospheres and those memories become life moments, remembered into the long distant future. Read More


Going on an Outdoor Trip? Have a Panic App Close Just in Case!

Going on an outdoor trip is pleasurable, challenging, fulfilling and relaxing, all in the same time. The seasoned adventurer, used to spending time in the wild, exploring nature, camping, and camp fire building, watching the wild life or hiking knows that safety is the main concern. We hear too often stories about young people taking camping trips in the mountains and getting lost or even experienced hikers taken by surprise by weather, extreme climacteric conditions or unforeseeable accidents. Read More


Festival season has begun: use this app to stay safe and find your friends

Summer is the festival season and people from all walks of life gather together to share a passion for music, art, gastronomy, cinema, theater or other forms of entertainment. But usually festivals are crowded, confusing places, where it is easier to get lost or end up in a stressful situation than get a cold drink. And if you are attending a festival in another city or country, things can get messy really fast. Luckily for everybody, the Red Panic Button app can help you go through a stressful situation and stay safe no matter where you are. Read More


Going on vacation? Red panic button app is a must for your safety

Finally going on that vacation you dreamed of for so long is a thrilling emotion! You deserved it and you further deserve to recharge your batteries, see new and beautiful places, enjoy some new experiences and have some fun! Planning a vacation is no easy feat though: you need your paperwork properly done, all reservations confirmed, all bags ready and all travel and health insurance policies signed and sealed. Read More


Keep in touch with your family when traveling abroad this summer

Taking a much-needed summer trip abroad with your partner, friends or by yourself is something to look forward to. No matter if you dream of an all exclusive exotic beach resort, or you take the uncharted path around the world, the excitement and the thrill of the journey are still the same. Of course, when you are leaving home, you need to make sure the family members are constantly updated to your whereabouts and plans while traveling abroad. Read More

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