Hurricane Season – 11 tips on how to keep safe


Hurricane Season – 11 tips on how to keep safe

Hurricanes are natural catastrophes that one cannot stand against. We all know that such destructive phenomena take their toll in human lives and material damages that sometimes go beyond measure. But while we can’t put a stop to them, we can certainly take precautions and steps towards awareness and preparedness. Today we will take a look at some advice, tips and recommendations regarding safety measures during hurricane season.

  1. In case of a storm or hurricane, you need to know what to do and where to go. Coordinate with your local emergency service authorities and learn exit and escape routes, together with alternatives on where to find shelter in case the hurricane strikes.
  2. Make sure your children understand the evacuation procedures and are ready to follow you without panicking. Disaster education is important no matter how young of age kids are.
  3. Put together a disaster kit. It should contain flashlights and batteries, a power bank type of gadget to charge your phone, first aid supplies, cash money, food and water supplies, blankets and a list of all important contacts to your closest family and friends (in case you need to find shelter somewhere else) and local authorities.
  4. In case you own a house and a yard, during hurricane season you should make some outdoor arrangements to limit the hurricane impact: trim and prune the trees to make sure the powerful winds don’t pull dead branches out and smash them against the house, mend your windows and roof, seal all cracks, leaks and gaps, fix the plumbing and remove any type of debris.
  5. Cut the tall trees so they don’t fall over the house roof.
  6. Bring inside the house any outdoor objects that can turn into veritable projectiles during powerful winds: the pets’ house, garden furniture, trash cans and so on. hurricane-season
  7. Secure everything that you cannot bring inside the house.
  8. You can also purchase a portable generator as power outages can lead to even more damages. Make sure you respect the regulations regarding the use of power generators and their safety recommendations.
  9. If the hurricane is about to strike in eight hours or less, turn your fridge and freezer to the lowest temperature possible. In case of a power outage, your food will be better preserved.
  10. Stay tuned to your wireless emergency alerts, TV, radio and internet news outlets for updates on the weather, emergency alerts, evacuation orders and other instructions.
  11. Make a family communication plan in case you have to evacuate. Staying together and working as a team is of utmost importance, but sometimes in the haze one can get lost, injured or left behind. Have all your family members install a Red Panic Button app on their phones. The Panic Button can be pushed to send a distress call to a pre-set list of contacts – the text message includes the exact GPS coordinates of the people sending the panic alert, thus making search and rescue a lot easier and more efficient. If one of you misses the evacuation route, the others can come find and retrieve the lost person as they will know exactly where the stray friend is. Such a Red Panic Button app is extremely important for children, senior members of the family and people with disabilities, where mobility and fast reactions in the face of terror are slower.

Don’t let panic or hurricanes ruin your life! If you live in a hurricane-sensitive area, stay alert but calm, communicate with your local authorities. Also, make a family plan and let technology help you find the best and fastest ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

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