Lost in a Crowd? Don’t Let a Panic Attack Overwhelm You


Lost in a Crowd? Don’t Let a Panic Attack Overwhelm You

Attending events, festivals, art exhibitions or crowded shows can turn into a bad experience for shy and introvert people. Even a busy urban street can be a nightmare for some people. And if someone is a bit agoraphobic, then things tend to escalate and emotions to get the best out of that person. One can go through a panic attack even if he’s not introvert or agoraphobic: a very stressful day, exhaustion, job tasks piling up, personal problems, and stress and health issues – these are all triggers factoring in towards a panic attack. And what do you do when you attend an event, a party or a crowded venue and feel your heart pump up in your chest faster and faster? What do you do when you feel your palms sweat, your ears pop and your throat getting dry? You use the Red Panic Button – the only app that chases your panic away!

How Can the Panic Button App Save You When You are Lost in a Crowd?

Lost in a Crowd? Don’t Let a Panic Attack Overwhelm You

Imagine that you have to spend a few hours in a crowded place together with your friends. Since you are not all tied and stuck together, with people in the group coming and going, you might get lost in the middle of a crowd. Even if you are not prone to panicking, the situation is less than fortunate or easily tolerable. In order to find your way and avoid panic and agitation use the Panic Button! Once installed on your smartphone, the Red Panic Button can be kept close by using the afferent widget on your phone’s screen. If you get lost in a crowd, indoors or outdoors, you just push the button and the Panic App will send your emergency contacts’ list a distress call. Such a distress call contains your exact GPS coordinates and can be sent via SMS or Twitter status.

How can the Red Panic app help when you are lost in a crowd? Disclosing your exact location to people who you are with allows them to find you faster. And as sooner as someone finds you in a crowd, the lower the chances are for you to break into a panic attack or an agoraphobic loop. Even if you are not accompanied by friends and you are lost in a crowd all by yourself, the ones receiving your Twitter distress call can come to your aid and help you find your way to safety.

The Panic App Is Your Best Friend in a Crowd

Never leave the house without the Red Panic Button! It can be your most reliable partner when you go out in a crowd, alone or together with other people. And if you know you have an increased sensitivity to social stress, large gatherings, agoraphobic triggers and panic-inducing factors, then carrying around is mandatory. Don’t get that shortness of breath ever again and don’t let the crowds, the walls or the feelings suffocate you no more! Just use the Panic App and have your close ones by your side in due time!

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