Stay safe and alert while playing mobile games


Stay safe and alert while playing mobile games

We used to think of mobile games as a mainly solitary hobby that did not require us to leave the comfort of our homes in order to have fun. As technology evolves, a new type of gaming is taking the world by storm. It encourages users to step outside and explore, while looking for adorable virtual creatures. Nothing wrong with that in theory.

As gamers have sedentary habits, the benefits of exercise and nature cannot be contested. Also, you cannot ignore the new array of risks you are exposing yourself to if you are gaming and walking around focused on a screen.


Be it alone or in a group, gaming is associated with fun and carelessness. Finally getting that achievement or being so close to catching the mischievous critter you have been hunting can make you shift your focus and forget your surroundings. The news are flooded with reports of unfortunate players who end up in awkward or even dangerous. From sprained ankles and minor bruises to life-threatening situations like robberies or falling off a cliff, the dangers you can come across while having seemingly harmless fun are countless.

Minimize the risks with the Red Panic Button app, allowing you to send a distress signal together with your exact GPS location to your selected contacts. All you have to do is push the Panic Button and help will be on its way, regardless of your location.

While some apps and mobile games are a must-have for maximum fun, others are imperative for safety

Stay safe and alert while playing mobile games

Hunting pocket monsters can bring you hours of fun, but what are the risks?

While you are immersed in this exciting new virtual experience one second of carelessness comes with very real consequences unless precautions are taken. Most situations can be avoided as long as there’s balance and people are alert. One has to accept the fact that having the real world as your gaming arena can at times be unpredictable.

Enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest knowing you have a Panic Button at your disposal, ready to broadcast your coordinates and address. Social media sites are often used to display your gaming score and achievements, but did you know that the Red Panic Button app can use Twitter to let others know you are in danger? Your friends, loved ones, and even fellow gamers will know exactly where you are and come to your rescue as soon as possible.

We often hear cautionary tales about people gaming their life away. Don’t let that saying become a reality and be ready for any real world hazards that might befall upon you! Get the Red Panic Button app and feel safe knowing you can always GO hunting!

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