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Managing a panic attack – what to do when it happens

What is a panic attack and its symptoms?

A panic attack is a sudden onset episode that can be described as the feeling of overwhelming fear or discomfort. Panic attacks are not immediately physically threatening. They can be extremely frightening, as they begin abruptly and are hard to identify especially for first-time sufferers. Read More


Lost in a Crowd? Don’t Let a Panic Attack Overwhelm You

Attending events, festivals, art exhibitions or crowded shows can turn into a bad experience for shy and introvert people. Even a busy urban street can be a nightmare for some people. And if someone is a bit agoraphobic, then things tend to escalate and emotions to get the best out of that person. One can go through a panic attack even if he’s not introvert or agoraphobic: a very stressful day, exhaustion, job tasks piling up, personal problems, and stress and health issues – these are all triggers factoring in Read More