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Car Safety Tips for Expecting Moms

Contrary to popular belief, modern expecting mothers are not helpless or in permanent need of supervision. Many juggle hard jobs and personal lives, run companies, drive themselves wherever they want to go, do shopping and go out. But expecting moms, granted, have to take some precautions when it comes to protecting the precious cargo they carry around all day.

Today we will take a look at some car safety tips, tricks and recommendations to make your driving safer, more comfortable and pleasurable for both you and the little one.

1. Use the Correct Seat Belt Position When You Drive

Doctors and safety specialists recommend future moms to wear the seat belt under their bellies and not across them, to avoid applying pressure on the baby while behind the wheel or keep the baby safe in case of an accident.

2. Install a Bump Belt Seat Belt Positioner in the Car

Just as you will soon install a child’s seat in the back of the car, you can also benefit from modern technique to make your drives safer and more comfortable. There are some special seat belts made for pregnant moms and the accompanying seat is elevated just enough so the belt comes under the belly fitting you comfortably and protecting the child.

3. Positioning Your Seat

According to specialists, you should keep as far as possible from the steering wheel, so you should position your seat so the distance between your belly and the wheel is of ten inches at least. However, the “petite” moms may have a problem with that, as we know not all petite women are comfortable with staying far from the wheel. In this case, a pair of comfy shoes with high platforms (not heels) may just do the trick.

4. Change Your Driving Posture

Most of us, men and women alike, don’t quite drive in a correct position for our spines and lower backs. Pregnant moms should, however, be even more careful regarding their driving positions. First, a wrong posture may hurt their backs and the baby. Secondly, in case of an accident, the steering wheel or the airbag (in case you are involved in an accident) may lead to unspeakable problems. The correct driving posture recommended to pregnant moms is to sit all the way in the back with your spine fully leaned against the recliner.

5. Opt for the Passenger Seat

We said in the beginning that modern moms take care of their daily errands and manage to get by with their jobs, personal lives and doctor appointments and it is true. However, even doctors and safety experts recommend future moms to take a ride in the passenger seat if they have the choice. In case of accidents the passenger seat is safer for them.

6. Driving Apps and Gadgets

Not so long ago we have talked about keeping families and friends safe in connection to all sorts of apps and gadgets. And if they make valuable companions to all adults or teenagers learning to drive, they will become even more valuable for pregnant moms. We particularly recommend the Red Panic Button to accompany moms when they drive, both for a family orientated purpose and as a private emergency network.

What other safety tricks do you know about to recommend to modern pregnant moms?


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